Food Blog? Maybe.

I was thinking of making my LJ a place where I can rant and rave about the great (and not-so-great) places to grab a bite to eat in Chapel Hill.

Because I love food, I think that this will a great way to actually make posts instead of lurking on LJ.

My first post will probably be about Sandwhich, a great little restaurant that has completely ruined tuna salad sandwiches for me FOREVER because theirs is the best I have ever tasted...

More Later On.

Inaugural LJ Post (aka About Me/My Fandoms)

So...I've decided to actually start posting on my LJ, instead of just using it to keep up with my favorite comm's and hoard fanfic bookmarks. lol

Hi. I'm Danielle. I'm a Biology major and Russian minor at UNC Chapel Hill. The Russian part has been amazing so far; the biology, not so much, but I suffer because of my love of asking as many questions as possible. I've lived in NC for a while, but I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY. I love comics, art, movies, baking, Photoshop, photography, music (specifically 90s alt-rock, electronic, and cheesy Russian pop music), reading pretty much anything, and the TV shows that I've become addicted to.

Anyway, hope I didn't bore too many people with my rambling.



DC (Batman and Robin, Batwoman, Bryan Q Miller's run on Batgirl, Huntress, Secret Six, Gotham Central, Detective Comics)

Marvel (New X-Men, X-23, Young Avengers, New Avengers, Black Widow)

TV -- Arrested Development, Sons of Anarchy, Friday Night Lights, Luther, Being Human (UK), Queer As Folk (US version), Sherlock, Vampire Diaries, Firefly, Angel, Misfits, Torchwood, Merlin, Skins, True Blood, Supernatural

Books -- Harry Potter series, and a whole lot more I can't remember right now